A Curated Collection of WordPress Themes Featuring Flat UI and Parallax Design Elements

The Flat UI and parallax design trends are still roaring into August. Anticipation for the upcoming release of iOS 7 is on of the major influencers of this push. Clients, regardless of wether they are even aware of it, have been consistently opting for the designs which incorporate Flat UI elements and parallax over the highly stylized and textured UI features which used to be perceived as the most valuable. At DigiMix, we design and develop custom WordPress themes for amazing businesses and organizations across the United States. However, template based WordPress themes available for licensing are still a good option for some. They can also serve as a solid foundation or inspiration for a incrementally innovative design. After all, most formally trained designers beings their process with design precedent research. Here is our selection of the best WordPress themes for August 2012 which incorporate Flat UI or parallax design elements.



cube wordpress theme


This WordPress theme is great for self hosted video and audio, which is a hard feature to find in a theme. It also allows for front end posting and user registration with profiles. What does this mean in plain English? You can use this theme to create a mini content sharing social network. Like a sort of Pintrest for a special interest.


Flat Candy

flat candy wordpress theme


This theme takes Flat UI to its limits. Very cool preview, but not appropriate for a website that relies on photography. However more and more people have been moving away from relying on photography for visual anchors, and have been going for graphics instead. If you have a great graphic designer available to produce elements for this theme, it could be used to create an amazing design that is very timely. The single page scrolling makes it an awesome set up for an app landing page or fun product.



mineral wordpress theme


Parallax and flat, now this theme makes sense. I can actually envision a real companies story going into this template, as long as they have the photography assets to make it work. This is a great theme for creative publishers or any type of studio.

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flatco wordpress theme

Simple, flat, clean design for a multipurpose WordPress theme. With some tweaking from the WordPress dashboard, this theme could work for most small businesses. It has some great parallax functionality pre-programed which you can enable from the dashboard. There are also a few neat javascript animations, which add to the wow factor.


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This collection of WordPress themes has been curated by DigiMix Web Design New York
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