How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

In the internet marketing world, content is king. We’ll show you how to attract more new customers to your business with content marketing online. Follow this introductory guide to creating the best content strategy for marketing your business online.

  1. Set your primary goals: “Our goal is to establish ourselves as experts in our field and rank at the top of search engines for the keywords people us to find our products or services.”
  2. Identify you target audience: “Who is the purchase decision maker for what you offer?” Find out as much as you can about them, and build user personas for more advanced profiling beyond standard demographics.
  3. Organize your content team: “Who’s working on what in-house, and what do you need agency support for?” Everyone is your company is an expert in something, get them writing about it and hold them to deadlines.
  4. Select the best tools and technology: “Explore your options and come up with the best tools for your organization.” WordPress is for blogging and content management, keyword research tools, SEO tracking (Moz), social media platforms (Hootsuite). Hubspot is like the minivan for CMS and marketing, but some people like that.
  5. Decide content schedules and types: “What are you going to produce?” Blog posts, Case Studies, Press Release, Video, Tutorials, Social Media Posts, etc. Start with what you can manage and scale up from there. FAQ: How often should you blog? ¬†Aim for at least once or twice a week. Most importantly, make sure your content is good. Quality over quantity in this case.
  6. Figure out a basic SEO strategy: “High quality copy writing is critical to SEO success”. Before you write the content, identify the keyword you would like to rank for, then use it in the title and once or twice in the text body.
  7. Make a promotion plan: “Who will you distribute this content?” Your tools in step 4 will come in handy when you publish blog posts, social media updates, press releases and email newsletters. You don’t need to do everything at once.

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