For most SMBs, the primary goal of an digital marketing campaign is to generate more leads. There are many people searching, thinking and discussing what your business offer. But how do you get in touch with those people? Or better yet, how do you make those people get in touch with you?

Content creation for internet marketing has been one of the most important drivers of lead gen this year. However, it’s important to invest in the right type of content for your business. Some companies rely heavily on their blogs, while others swear by social media. The reality is that there is no perfect solution. You need to find the best type of content for your business. In our marketing practice at DigiMix we measure the effectiveness of our content marketing by it’s ROI for the client.

In a recent survey of SMBs on, Emarketer set out to determine what the most effective forms of content are for SMBs on average. Here are the results.
most value content for lead gen 2013 emarketer

As you can see, white papers are considered to be the most valuable type of content in general. If you have the resources, investing in the production of a white paper at least once a quarter may be a worth while initiative. However, if you feel that producing a full scale professional white paper might be too much of a burden, consider breaking up the information into a series of blog posts. Creating high quality content to engage your audience is essential to any inbound marketing strategy, as it is one of the best ways to earn your audiences interest.