Food and ingredient issues have made it into public spot light thanks to non-profit agencies like Food & Truth. Their flagship program to raise awareness about food and ingredient issues is a summer camp called Fit2Cook4Kids. Children are taught how to cook, stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle through a gamified day camp program hosted at the University of Rhode Island. Digimix worked with Food & Truth to design and develop their summer camp marketing website from the ground up and launch a YouTube video campaign spanning across various  social media and press sites.

Case Study

Food & Truth is a non-profit organization that produces programs to raise awareness about food and ingredient issues. As Food & Truth set in motion a plan to expand their flagship program, a summer camp teaching cooking skills to children and young teens, they need to completely revamp their web presence. DigiMix worked with Food & Truth to spread the word about the Fit2Cook4Kids summer camp program through a new website with an integrated social media video series on YouTube. Thanks to a beautiful website design, an engaging YouTube video series, a few hyper local press releases, and the right SEO strategy, all of their new summer camps where booked to capacity.

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