Leading NYC based global strategic advisory firm specializing in business development consulting for middle market companies.


SHM Corporate Navigators needed a complete design, development and content strategy for their growing consulting company. Their expectations were high as the partners had extensive experience going through the website design and development process for iconic brand with large scale projects.

Choice Point

DigiMix responded to their request for proposal with a well structured project plan, that covered all of their goals. During multiple rounds of face to face interviews, DigiMix was able to clearly communicate their fully integrated website design and development process, from the code behind the scenes to what you see on screen.


Using the cutting edge techniques in responsive web design, parallax web development, WordPress CMS development, DigiMix created a site light years ahead of their competition. The responsive parallax web design of the homepage delivers and exciting user experience that is easy to navigate. Decades of high level business experience is neatly organized into digestible case study tombstones in the Results section. The browsing experience of the case studies is enhanced with filtering and animation of the different case study cards. Partners Martin Okner and Harry Korbritz each have bio profile pages featuring compelling video backgrounds that show off their personal passions, helping to create a real sense of connection and trust in a virtual meeting. A clear story of their unique service offering and expertise is articulated by the DigiMix content strategy and website copywriting.


Praise and excitement from SHM Corporate Navigator’s  high level client roster

  • Content Strategy + Copywriting - We create content that will engage your audience and lead them to take action. Our experienced copywriters will take your message and elegantly craft it to appeal to your audience.
  • WordPress Development - The Digimix WordPress developer team helps to build WordPress and many of it’s most popular plugins by contributing to their open-source projects. With more than 150 custom WordPress themes and plugins published for clients including JetBlue and The City of New York, Digimix has a proven track record for successful enterprise-level WordPress projects. Digimix technology goes beyond site builds. We engineer cloud publishing networks to serve rich content to millions of simultaneous users. Digimix WordPress applications can integrate with other systems in real time, scale on demand to handle traffic spikes and run with enterprise-grade speed and security.


What we Made