Icons are one of the best ways of creating visuals anchors inside of interaction points to maximize click through rate. But finding the right icons for your project can be a huge pain. These are our go to sites for free icons. Typically we’ll only use free icons in the mock ups or planning stages, then we’ll license premium icons for the final design.

Icon Gal

This is one of the best collections of free icons aggregated from across the web. There are allot of popular styles to choose form.

Icon Finder

Great collection of free icons. Most of the free icons you’ll find on blog posts through Google searching have been aggregated on this site.

Media Loot

Media Loot has a really high quality collection of icons, scalable vectors and other graphic assets. Athough they’re a paid site, what makes Media Loot special, aside from their great designs, is their subscription model. You can actually purchase a monthly subscription allowing your a set number of downloads per month. Then if you don’t use the downloads, they roll over.