How many characters should be in a URL?

There’s no magic number for a URL character limit. However, at DigiMix we find the best SEO practice is to limit a URL to 50 characters or less. If your URL length is more than 50 characters, it could have a negative impact on your search engine ranking of that page. Most search engines actually allow 70 characters for the title display text. So it is a common mistake to use rely on the advice of automatic SEO tools that will tell you there are still 7 or however many characters left

If you’re looking for a quick way to count your characters just Google “free character counter tool” and a bunch of good options should come up.

Working in Google Docs

If you are working in Google Docs, there is a quick word count and character count shortcut. Just select the text you would like to count (if you don’t select anything it will count the entire page). Then click the Tools drop down menu, and select Word Count.