How Often Should You Repeat Keywords?

How frequently should we be repeating keywords in the body text of a page?
This question comes up regularly with clients when discussing the content strategy for their website, blogs and social media plans. It’s a common misconceptions that if you write the same keyword as many times as possible, it wil improve your search ranking. On the contrary, if you overuse a single keyword or phrase, it can have a negative impact on your rank on the search engine results pages.

How Many Times Should You Repeat a Keyword?

There’s really no magic number. However this basic rule as served us well over the years.

  • One Short Pages: 3 to 4 times.
  • One Long Pages: 4 to 6 times.
  • Rule of Thumb: never use them more than makes sense in the context of natural language.

What about Keyword Density?

The amount a keyword is used on a page in comparison to the rest of the words on the page is another topic that gets allot of attention from interent marketers in general. I suspect this is because there are many tools making it very easy to measure. However, we have not seen keyword density have any specifici relevance on how a content is measured be search engines. Our advice is to keep your content as natural as possible by writing it for your audience.

What if I use Keyword Variations instead?

After I explain subjects of repetition and density, the next logical question to arise is: “Could I use a variations of the keywords instead of just repeating the same ones?” I recommend breaking up the variations by using some in the body and other in the title and header tags. Having a healthy mix has prove to work best for our SEO campaigns.

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