Setting the stage for success.

We respect that each client & project is unique. That’s why we lead each project by gaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients' goals, business & target audience. We will collaborate with you to learn everything about your project and get it started on the right path.

Identify the problem.

Organize the idea to uncover the core of your project based on research and precedent. We love taking on new challenges or dominating existing ones.

Define requirements.

With an agile approach to project management, we establish the priority of features. These features and requirements will guide our project plan for our solution.

Find the best technologies.

Our design and development team does their due diligence by researching, vetting and selecting the best technologies to use.

Develop solutions.

We bridge the gap between the end users and the technology by creating the solutions for your project.

Innovation & Planning

Develop Systems for Functions, Features and Workflows.

Sketching, diagraming and prototyping techniques are employed to drive the innovation process and create a plan for a unique solution.


Made for your audience to love.

While looking through the lens of your target audience, we craft amazing digital experiences. Your brand and marketing strategy will be fully integrated though each touch point with your audience. The result will be a compelling design that speaks for itself.


Building the final product.

At Digimix, designers and developerss work side by side through out the project. At this stage we put our programing skills to work and code the project. Our projects range from WordPress and Magento sites, to Ruby on Rails and iPhone apps. Make us your go-to team for all things digital.


Engage your audience and optimize performance.

As the web development process reaches completion, we remain engaged to facilitate a successful launch and offer our support for our clients digital marketing initiatives. We handle all aspects of deployment including hosting, optimization and scalability. Once the new site is up and running our clients know they can count on us for reliable tech support, white glove website management, and on-going consulting. By utilizing the many insights gained from working on the project, we are able to produce site specific digital marketing plans, customized for our clients business objectives.