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The internet offers an unique opportunity to gain insight and access to the people who you are trying to engage. As conventional strategies have focused on reacting to the choices people make online, innovative digital strategy anticipates the fundamental needs and desires that drive those actions. By applying in depth consumer research with comprehensive analytics and industry expertise we discover the unmet needs of consumers and new digital business opportunities. In an increasingly digital world, we create innovative plans and marketing strategies that will accelerate your brand ahead of competitors.

A beautiful website design may look great, but without a digital strategy it’s really just a nice picture.

Digimix project managers and digital strategists have high-level business experience, deep technological expertise and a full understanding of creative disciplines.  Unlike many of our competitors, they are not just glorified admins or idea guys. We are fortunate to receive the guidance of top level executives from organizations including Google, Sapient, Aol, Amazon and Viacom, along with institutions including Harvard Business School, Sloan MIT, Babson College and Northeastern University.  Our business oriented perspective will not only lead to creating a website your audience will love, but one that will achieve your goals ahead of schedule and under budget.

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