From Evernote to Google Calendar, there’s no shortage of neat apps and cool Web tools designed to bring order to our lives. But sometimes, simplicity is all we need.

A product of Nathan Cahill, a Michigan-based Web and software developer, Short Calendar would certainly fall into this category, and it seems this tool was likely as much for Nathan’s own needs as the general public. But anyway, here’s how it works.

You can stipulate the start date of the calendar, and choose a period of between one and five days:

You can enter as much text as you like in each box, and then you simply enter an email address and your plans are sent to the desired address.

Email 520x224 Short Calendar: A simple Web app to share your plans for the week

Granted, Google Calendar can sleep easy tonight, but if you’re after a simple calendar-email notification tool to organize your week and let people know what you’re up to, Short Calendar is about as simple as things get.